Follow-up Animal Assisted Activities


For settings who have completed an introductory session and already identified goals, these sessions build upon the first animal encounter.

Sessions might be aim to progress a child’s skills or developmental goals. Alternatively we might plan activities to target a specific curriculum area and boost attainment for an individual or a group.

NAATA uses a playful and flexible approach. Children and animals are provided with opportunities to join in the fun, but with no pressure on them to have to participate in a certain way. Whilst we are modelling language, behaviour and skills, we are also following children’s interests, noticing and validating all of the ways they communicate and participate.



Follow-up Animal Assisted Activities – Sessions for Schools & Settings

Supporting outstanding practice

Our Follow-up Animal Assisted Activities offering is for those who are looking for a longer term solution rather than a one off session.

NAATA works with settings to build practitioner skills and confidence. When it comes to supporting children’s early literacy, speech, language and interaction skills,¬† we have the knowledge and skills to help EYFS settings. Furthermore to develop or build upon outstanding practice.

Animal Assisted Activities – Visits

During our visits, staff will have opportunities to explore strategies and techniques. We talk about how these ideas may make a difference to practice  beyond the NAATA session.

Intervention doesn’t just close the attainment gap for children eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. Similarly for pupils with SEND, animal activities support next steps.

Many of the strategies and activities can be applied across the classroom with benefits for all children.