NAATA, Northern Animal Assisted Therapies and Activities

NAATA supports peoples well-being and development through animal assisted activities. We specialise in helping young children to learn speech, language and communication skills.

NAATA – Who we work with

We work in partnership with, parents, carers, early years practitioners, teachers and service managers in order to help you achieve your goals.

Have some fun as you boost your child’s speech language and communication skills. Get expert tips and advice on how to promote wellbeing and development with Animal Assisted Play and Learning Sessions for Families.

Animal Assisted Play & Learning Sessions for Families

Ask NAATA about tailoring support to your curriculum delivery. Arrange for booster activities with a targeted group or plan sessions to meet the needs of individuals with SEN.

Discover strategies and classroom activities to enable, speech, language & communication development and embed outstanding practice to benefit every child in your care

Animal Assisted Learning & Development Sessions for Childcare and Education Settings.

Could a visit from a cuddly friend help your organisation achieve their goals?

Might the wag of a friendly tail help your service users or clients relax and take the focus away from their difficulties for a time?

Talk to NAATA about how we might help.

Animal Experiences for Organisations

NAATA sessions are led by Lesley Forrester.

Lesley is an Animal Assisted Therapist and a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. She’s a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Furthermore a member of the Health and Care Professions Council.

Lesley has worked for NHS organisations and for ICAN, the children’s communication charity.

She has special interests in early intervention and partnership working. In addition, Lesley has a passion for unleashing the joy and power of human animal interactions.

The fascination for living things began with bug-hunting as a youngster. She knows first hand, the resilience and wellbeing that comes about through a connection to nature and animals.

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