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Speech and Language North East: At NAATA we understand that happy brains are learning brains. Our animal assisted activities all aim to raise a smile or even a giggle. As they are having fun children and young people are learning vital Speech and Language skills, without even knowing it.

Our animals communicate in lots of different ways and they don’t pressure children to talk. For children with speech and language difficulties or low confidence, this is a fun and comfortable situation. Furthermore it’s more likely they will try out speech and language around their new animal friends.

Development of speech and language

Some children, struggling with the development of speech and language, are calmed by the presence of our soft and friendly animals. Moreover in this relaxed state they are better able to try out and develop new speech and language skills.

Other children need a little extra motivation to try out speech and language. When this is the case the NAATA animals are always ready to share in the excitement. In other words giving children a motivation to use their speech and language.

Essential Skills

Speech and language skills are essential for children’s all-round development. They allow us to talk about and understand ideas. In conclusion speech and language skills also enable children learn about everything else.

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Showing all 2 results