Meet the Animals

Heidi is our Therapuppy. She’s maturing into a first class Therapy Dog and Speech and Language Furrapist.

Her special interests are big sticks and muddy puddles.

When she is not getting into trouble by stealing socks, Heidi is training. She enjoys her work and learns quickly but like all of us, there’s still lots to learn. Heidi is looking forward to learning new things with help from our service users.

We currently have two mini-lop rabbits. Dunlop (above) and his brother Dave live together and do everything together. They’re curious little fellows with a liking for carrot tops and bramble leaves. They have the softest fur and Dunlop in particular likes having his ears smoothed whilst he munches a favourite snack.

A girly chat (left to right; Kayda, Cilla and Purdy)

We have 5 beautiful hens on our NAATA Speech and Language Featherpy Team. Pictured above are some of our Bantams (Bantams are miniature hens, and yes they do lay miniature eggs)

All our hens have been hand reared from hatchlings. They’re all pretty nosey and confident around people. They make us laugh a lot with their silly antics and the children enjoy making them picnics and feeding them treats.

Belinda has asked me to point out that not all NAATA chickens are mini-chickens. You are indeed, big and beautiful, Belinda